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Announcement: Signature Rules Posted by Stiles Stilinski

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Please understand this is to keep the boards clean and organized when browsing through topics. We won't be strict on these, but please try to comply as best as you can.

Signature Rules
These rules apply only to member signatures. Users who do not wish to see member signatures may disable them in their Board Settings via the User Control Panel.
  • Signatures are meant to be positive; put stuff in there that you like, rather than dislike!
  • Only one image per signature
  • Maximum image size of 600 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall.
  • Animated images are not allowed.
  • Maximum of 5 lines text, default size.
  • Please do not use spoiler, indent or quote tags in signatures. Don't quote other members in your signature in particular!
  • Please do not steal signatures from the "The Creative Side".
  • Promotion for a tumblr, blog, fansite, etc. is allowed, as long as it's being presented in a rational manner and kept to a minimum!
  • If a signature violates any of these rules, a staff member is allowed to edit the signature. A PM will be send to the user if the edit has occurred.
The Moderating Team