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Announcement: Forum Rules Posted by Wally West

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If you see any of these rules being broken, please use the report function to bring it to the attention of the moderators.

General forum rules:
  • New members will have limited accessibility to the site at first as described here.
  • Please use correct grammar and punctuation where possible. This makes it easier for everyone to understand your posts. To ensure easy readability of posts, the use of font sizes, italics, colors, etc. that are different from the board standard should be limited. Members are allowed to put particular sentences in bold, for example to reference a specific phrase in a quoted post, but they are not allowed to make an entire bolded post. This is reserved for mods only.
  • Personal attacks towards other members will result in an official warning.
  • Persistent baiting will result in an official warning. Baiting constitutes purposely seeking to upset or provoke a response from another member or a subgroup (such as a specific character, actor, or shipper fanbase).
  • A positive attitude towards the show and the fandom as a whole should generally prevail on this board. Negative opinions about individual characters, actors, ships, performances, storylines, and the show are permitted as long as they are presented in a rational manner, do not come across as argumentative, and do not constitute bashing. Excessive negativity will get you banned. Topics devoted solely to bashing a character/actor/episode will be deleted.
  • When posting in a thread, please stay on topic. Off-topic discussion may be subject to deletion.
  • Do not cross-post other users' posts without their permission. If you wish to move discussion to another thread, let all participants know of the change. You cannot cross-post someone else's post if the purpose is to criticize/discredit said users or their statements.
  • When creating a new thread, please use the search function found at the top of the board. Type in the subject and review the threads, thus ensuring that a repeat thread is not created. New topics in the General Glee Discussion section have to be approved by a moderator before they become visible to other users.
  • Forum members cannot have more than one (1) account on the forum. Members in possession of multiple accounts will receive a warning and all extra accounts will be deleted. Members using multiple accounts or who continue creating multiple accounts after receiving a warning will no longer be welcome.
  • Once you have created a topic, it is the property of the forum. Members cannot own topics, and have no authority within them. Only staff can manage topics.
  • Images depicting sexually explicit content are not allowed in avatars/signatures and should not be posted outside the Mature Discussion section.
  • People found to be bashing/being negative about Glee Forum or its users on any other websites will almost always be immediately banned at the moderators' discretion.
  • The staff of Glee Forum has no access to personal messages (PM) exchanged on this board. However, PMs can be reported by users via the report function so that bullying, stalking, or other forms of unpleasant behavior can be dealt with. In such instances, staff members will be able to read the reported PMs.
  • Moderators have been entrusted with ensuring the compliance with the board rules. In this context, they are allowed to delete and edit posts by users or to give users unofficial and official warnings or to ban them. If a moderator leaves a message in a thread (usually an order to drop a particular subject of discussion) or a member is contacted by a moderator via PM and asked to adapt their behavior, these requests should be followed immediately. It is allowed to question and protest moderator decisions but only via PM or report. In such exchanges, polite language should be used by both sides.
  • Members will always be notified about an unofficial or an official warning via PM. An unofficial warning usually only implies a request to adapt behavior in a certain way. Notification of an official warning is given when a user's warning level has been raised after a serious instance of violating board rules or when earlier unofficial warnings have not led to a change in behavior. We have five warning stages, four of which imply immediate consequences for users, ranging from a one-day suspension to a permanent ban from the forum. Improved behavior over a longer period of time will lead to a lowering of the warning level, about which the user will also be notified.
Sub-forum specific rules:-
  • Shipper and Actor/Character Sub-forums
  • Dedicated appreciation threads are subject to specific rules, the underlying policy of which is explained here and here.
  • Generally speaking, positivity towards the respective ships/characters/actors and in general should prevail in these threads.
  • Discussion of ships, actors, characters, performances, and storylines that do not directly relate to what the sub-forum or the appreciation thread is dedicated to should be kept to a minimum, in particular when they imply stating negative opinions. Discussing other ships in shipper sub-forums or in shipper threads is allowed, but only in how they pertain to your ship, and bashing is not permitted.
  • Off-topic discussion must be kept to a minimum. If a ship or actor/character has its/their own sub-forum, then an off-topic thread will have been created for you. Any off-topic discussion in other threads is subject to deletion.
  • Constant negativity in these sub-forums will result in warnings and eventual suspensions.
  • Ships and actors/characters with a sub-forum have a designated spoiler thread, where you may discuss spoilers without the use of spoiler tags. Spoiler tags must still be used in all other areas of the sub-forum.
  • Spoilers
  • Spoilers are defined as "anything that provides 'information' about the show; more clearly, it is anything involving plotlines (ie. kisses, songs, confrontations, crying, break-ups, etc.) not released on FOX television" and should be placed behind spoiler tags when not posting in the Spoilers section.
  • Please refrain from posting spoilers in the title of your thread or in the status updates as these are viewable from the main page and no spoiler tags can be used there.
  • For more specific information please see this topic.
  • Episode discussions
  • Your thoughts on the latest episode should always go into the pinned "Rate and Discuss" threads at the top of each episode's section. Please do not create a thread for your own personal thoughts on the episode.
  • Threads about specific events/ideas in certain episodes are permitted but please ensure that one has not already been created before you make yours.
  • The Creative Side
  • Limit yourself to a single graphics thread for your work instead of creating a new one for every new graphic you create. This makes less clutter for the forum and makes your thread a type of gallery.
  • Please make sure you are aware of the rules regarding signatures and animated gifs before fulfilling someone's request.

All of these rules are subject to change but announcements will be made before any new rules are enforced and so you should never be out of touch.