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Lea Michele

Will be back online tomorrow night. Offline for the night..
Today, 10:40 AM


Wow. I just noticed on my profile that I'm at 4999 in terms of likes. So that means I'm one like away from becoming...what? Is it Vocal Adrenaline after the Warblers?
Today, 09:46 AM
  • Sam Evans's Photo
    Sam Evans
    Mark :|
    May 29 2016 07:52 AM
  • Gleekforlife's Photo
    yeah... i just ugh i dont want it to be true i thought it was all over and done >_<

    May 29 2016 12:50 PM
  • Ms. Skylar Warbler's Photo
    Ms. Skylar Warbler
    i understand ..:(
    Yesterday, 03:47 AM

Dr. Choiceofluthien

Anyone else watching (or has watched) Poldark? So obsessed!
May 26 2016 04:34 PM
  • Buffy Summers's Photo
    Buffy Summers
    I saw a few gifsets on tumblr and wanted to check it out!
    May 26 2016 06:07 PM
  • Dr. Choiceofluthien's Photo
    Dr. Choiceofluthien
    Yes, do so! Olicity fandom got me into and I'm obsessed! Sadly only 8 episodes to the first season but still.
    May 26 2016 06:12 PM
  • Buffy Summers's Photo
    Buffy Summers
    I will try it this summer! :)
    May 26 2016 07:25 PM


Red Nose Day! Which is to help raise funds for programs that fight poverty among children (domestically and internationally). The TV special airs on NBC tonight, 9 pm ET
May 26 2016 12:24 PM

Rachel Berry

I'm really surprised that The Americans gets two more seasons. But I'm gonna take it. :)
May 25 2016 09:11 AM

Luke Skywalker

Today's Best Glee Scene thread will be posted a little later due to technical issues. Stay tuned...
May 24 2016 12:45 AM


Has anyone else seen the Disney Channel movie Descendants?
May 23 2016 09:29 PM


BTS is coming to LA AND NYC!! <3 <3 KCon!!
May 23 2016 07:56 PM


I'm so excited for the Looking movie. Wish it was a full season though
May 23 2016 09:14 AM

Buffy Summers

One last poll for Round 1 after all. I apologize for being a lying and deceiving idiot. :)
May 22 2016 09:23 PM

Princess Kenny

Watching some season 4. The new group was so great.
May 21 2016 07:59 PM

Buffy Summers

All remaining polls for Round 1 are out now. You have until Sunday at midnight (NYC time) to cast your votes. :)
May 21 2016 03:00 PM


A couple of members of Pentatonix were on Bones on Thur night, and it sure looked like they used the same set that was used for the Warblers at Dalton Academy. Deja vu. Love PTX, but the Dalton choir room still belongs to the Warblers in my imagination.
May 21 2016 05:15 AM
  • Poppy01's Photo
    I saw the same set that was used for Dalton Academy, once being used on a Castle episode. It gives you a feeling that something is not right, doesn't it? :)
    May 21 2016 02:04 PM