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About Me

Hi.  I'm Simone.  I'm a female, I'm 25, I live in Central Ohio, I work retail and I like Finchel more than anything else in the world.  This is my favorite website, and that's saying something - I belong to over 30 online forums.  I love Finchel, the internet, my laptop, my family, my dog, making lists, my job, money, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, fanfiction, food, American Girl dolls, writing, figure skating, swimming, biking, baking, cooking, taking photos, my bedroom, the Christmas season, the Olympics, the Indians, the Cubs, the Blackhawks, big cities, the beach, Scream Queens, The West Wing, my apartment and my cell phone.  I hate Donald Trump, music, Broadway, ships that conflict with Finchel, noise, crowds, drugs and exams.


Awards I've won:






Top 50 Songs:
1. Faithfully
2. Pretending
3. For Good
4. Don't Stop Believing
5. Somebody to Love
6. Loser Like Me
7. Without You
8. We are Young
9. We are the Champions
10. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
11. Any Way You Want It/ Loving Touching Squeezing
12. My Life Would Suck Without You
13. You Can't Always Get What You Want
14. I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty
15. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
16. Borderline/ Open Your Heart
17. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
18. Get It Right
19. Hello Goodbye
20. Marry You
21. How Deep Is Your Love
22. Not The End
23. Keep Holding On
24. You Get What You Give
25. I'll Remember

26. Go Your Own Way
27. Jesse's Girl
28. Firework
29. Roots Before Branches
30. I Can't Go For That/ You Make My Dreams
31. Here's To Us
32. Do They Know It's Christmas
33. The Only Exception
34. Just The Way You Are
35. I'll Stand By You
36. We've Got Tonight

37. You're The One That I Want
38. Barely Breathing
39. Last Christmas
40. Tonight
41. Don't Speak
42. It's My Life/ Confessions
43. Halo/ Walking on Sunshine
44. Cry

45. O Holy Night
46. Homeward Bound/ Home
47. Don't Dream It's Over
48. Thriller/ Heads Will Roll
49. America
50. I Dreamed A Dream

Top 20 Characters:
1. Finn Hudson
2. Rachel Berry
3. Kurt Hummel
4. Blaine Anderson
5. Sam Evans
6. Marley Rose
7. Ryder Lynn
8. Santana Lopez
9. Burt Hummel
10. Carole Hudson-Hummel

11. Tina Cohen-Chang

12. Kitty Wilde

13. Mike Chang

14. Artie Abrams

15. Mercedes Jones

16. Brittany Pierce

17. Noah Puckerman

18. Emma Pillsbury

19. Shannon Beiste

20. Elliott Gilbert


Top 20 Couples:
1. Finchel

2. Klaine

3. Quick

4. Samcedes

5. Ryley

6. Wildebrams

7. Barole

8. Dantana

9. Tike

10. Bertie

11. Wemma

12. Fabrevans

13. Bartie

14. Pizes

15. Pucktana

16. Bram

17. Quinntana

18. Flanamotta

19. Will/Holly

20. Sue/ Sheldon

Top 30 Episodes:
1. Journey to Regionals
2. The First Time
3. New York
4. Sectionals
5. Nationals
6. On My Way
7. Original Song
8. Born This Way
9. Duets
10. Prom Queen
11. Hold On To Sixteen
12. Yes/ No
13. Choke
14. Furt
15. Mash Off
16. Laryngitis
17. Bad Reputation
18. Extraordinary Merry Christmas
19. Rumors
20. The Rhodes Not Taken
21. Props
22. Blame It On The Alcohol
23. Grilled Cheesus
24. Showmance
25. Ballad
26. Goodbye
27. Promasaurus
28. Asian F
29. Vitamin D

30. Hell-O

Top Ten Friendships:
1. Hummelerry
2. Kinn/Furt
3. Pezberry
4. Blam
5. Sinn
6. Blinn
7. Raine
8. Fyder
9. Rachcedes
10. Cohen-Berry

1. The first character I fell in love with: Finn Hudson
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Kurt Hummel
3. The character everyone else loves that I hate: Rachel's dads
4. The character that I love that everyone hates: Finn and Blaine
5. Character I used to love but not so much anymore: Quinn
6. The character I'd slap: Jesse, Brody, Sue, Rachel's dads, Cassandra, Broadway mode Rachel, Karofsky, Unique
7. A pairing that I love: FINCHEL!
8. Pairing that I hate: Anything that conflicts with Finchel. Also, Kurtofsky and Seblaine.
9. Three favourite characters: Finn, Rachel and Blaine
10. Three least favourite characters: Jesse, Brody, Karofsky
11. Favourite guest star: Idina Menzel
12. Favourite group performance: Don't Stop Believing, Somebody to Love, Loser Like Me, We Are Young, We Are The Champions, Paradise By The Dashboard Light, My Life Would Suck Without You, Any Way You Want It/ Loving Touching Squeezing, You Can't Always Get What You Want, You Get What You Give, Hello Goodbye, Marry You, Keep Holding On
13. Favourite duet: Faithfully, Pretending, For Good, I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Borderline/ Open Your Heart, I Just Can't Stop Loving You
14. Favourite Solo: Without You, Get It Right, Not The End, How Deep Is Your Love, Jesse's Girl, I'll Remember, Go Your Own Way, Firework, Here's To Us, The Only Exception, Cry, As If We Never Said Goodbye, Somewhere Only We Know, Cough Syrup
15. Favourite Episode: Journey, The First Time, New York, Nationals, Original Song, Prom Queen, Born This Way, On My Way, Sectionals, Duets, Furt, Rumours, Extraordinary Merry Christmas, Choke, Props

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