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Sorry Jake, You Are Responsible For Who You Sleep With

26 January 2013 - 04:52 PM

Was anyone else annoyed that all the characters involved (Jake, Puck, Kitty) acted like Kitty was being an evil skank and Jake just couldn't say "no" to her even though he was "trying to be a good guy"?

Guys are not mindless dickheads. They can choose not to sleep with someone, especially if that someone has been insane. If he slept with her, it would be his choice.

[/major pet peeve]

Blaine, stop talking. Tina, start talking.

26 January 2013 - 03:33 PM

Blaine spent some time with meta-commentary about his friendship with Sam and how he wasn't a Predator Gay. The first one was making the character aware in a fourth-wall breaking way, very similar to the infamous Brittany meta. The second one seems to be to preempt reactions like the ones that people had to Kurt chasing Finn. That seems unnecessary because Blaine isn't doing any of the things that Kurt was doing.

With Tina, on the other hand, we had the entire Glee club acting like the audience, instead of the usual Tina acting like the audience. When she came up to Blaine to tell him that she finally remembered why he didn't want the Sadie Hawkins dance, I honestly thought she was going to say, "I just remembered that you're gay." What is she doing? I mean, I get what she is feeling, but how is she rationalising her actions? I am seriously confused.

Rachel's NYADA storyline

07 December 2012 - 01:13 PM

I can see the writers trying to show Rachel overcoming a challenge (put-downs and confidence shatterers from a crazy teacher), but what happened in this episode really didn't feel connected. We suddenly have a new competition, an new challenger that we never actually meet or see Rachel interact with, and the accomplishment has nothing to do with dancing!

I thought the best challenge to Rachel's character was back when she and Kurt went to that pre-NYADA Harmony show where we felt the brave new world where they are not the biggest fishes. Here Rachel gets this grand honour completely out of the blue. Because she does. Then she wins, cause she does.

Rachel Berry never had a confidence problem (at least when it came to her skills and dream). Cassie the ***** seems like an artificial way to introduce a fake problem for her to "overcome".

I am just so glad that she didn't "beat" Cassie because of Brody somehow.

Tadpole and Missing Gays

22 May 2012 - 08:50 PM

I almost pulled my hair out when they went out of their way to show "tadpole gays" who can be visually identified by their looks alone (and that one of them was practically eye-raping Kurt). You keep up those anti-bullying PSAs, Glee-writers. I remember people saying that Blaine was supposed to be a "straight acting" gay, but that quickly went off the cliff (and then he went into fight club...).

The one character we had was... What's his name? The kid that had a suicide attempt? The kid that Kurt said he would help through his problems because he felt partially responsible?

I could have sworn there was someone...

Did they really win?

18 May 2012 - 03:51 PM

Don't worry, I thought New Directions was better than Vocal Adrenaline. That isn't what I'm thinking about. There were two elements that really undermined the victory for me.

The first was the Three Stooges they had as judges. Yes, they historically had the celeb judges and completely random people judging. But they didn't do that for Nationals last season. Their big win was because Lohan gave the classic Loser speech of "they weren't the best, but they had good spirit". The reason Hilton wanted VA to win was identity politics. I think they were supposed to balance each other out, but the overly-enthusiastic guy they had in the middle just parroted the same "reasons" and I guess flipped a coin. This is what they've been working so hard for?

And they get back to Lima to have everyone celebrate for them. Maybe it was just me, but I thought the "they'll love us if we win just win Nationals" was meant to be a hopeful delusion. But even with things as they are, it just makes the school insanely fickle and their "support" and "acceptance" extremely shallow. The football hockey guys now accept them because they were declared the best at their gay/sissy competition? And they are just going to bask in that hollow praise?

This was a victory three years in the making, and it just felt superficial and arbitrary instead of victorious and fulfilling. I guess there is precedent with Rachel being Prom Queen...