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#2224930 Clip: Rachel on the Verge of a Breakdown?

Posted by BeautifullyMalicious on 05 May 2012 - 12:08 AM

I think sexism is a word thrown around on this forum because it's a cool thing for Gleeks to say and show they're smarter than the writers and a critical viewer.

It's just a word used on this forum. There's no meaning to it on here, anymore,

In your and some others opinion. An opinion that typically comes imo from fans of the character(s) that others perceive as being favorably treated vs the females in an (often unintentionally) sexist manner. E.g the Hero!Complex, negative stereotyping, the narrative favoring etc. that some see and others don't. I do not see why the need to demean people for their different opinion on a discussion forum of all things. I think some people on this forum likes to paint others that see this 'treatment' and narrative as either rapid, crazy or in your case "trying to be cool", in order to devalue what they say and halt discussions.

Anyway, I guess this current mindset of Rachel will help explain why the sudden 'insecurity' with Quinn for PQ and Finn as PK. It obviously won't last long this state of denial where she tries to convince herself that she is fine with not achieving her dreams. Still hurts to hear her talk like that. It just feels wrong.

#2202611 iTunes Charts

Posted by BeautifullyMalicious on 25 April 2012 - 01:22 PM

This "auto tune" discussion regarding IWDWS reminds me of the posts about We Found Love. In both cases some people complained about auto tune, when in reality there wasn't used anywhere near as much as they implied. Auto tune is generally used to correct pitch flaws. The voice effects on those songs are just that, voice effects added in the studio. It is not auto tune, that sounds differently when gone wrong or when used to distort. We Found Love was pretty much perfect pitch wise but got run through the effect machine and IWDWS was severely adjusted down to fit Heather's range with a lot of echo effects added. The a cappela versions of either songs will reveal that.

Anyway I really expected MLIYL to do a lot better. I thought it would be competing with HWIK because of the group feel. But I am not so surprised that the more "dancy" tracks are getting attention.