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In Topic: The Glee News/Tidbits/Updates Catch-All Thread

10 August 2017 - 08:12 PM

Alex Newell will be in the Broadway revival of Once on This Island with Lea Salonga!

In Topic: Glee Cast Solo Albums

07 July 2017 - 11:49 AM

This is a (partial) list of all the non cast recordings of the Glee cast as of July 2017. That is to say, anything that a cast member recorded as a solo or band output since they started on the show, not from a stage or film production. Most of the links are for US Apple Music (formerly iTunes), but Billy Lewis Jr's albums are on Bandcamp instead. I only looked up New Directions members plus Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch, so nothing from Adam Lambert or others like that. They are listed alphabetically, with their main Apple Music page and notable releases. Enjoy!


Darren Criss: main; Lost Boys Life EP [Darren's Human EP and some Starkid songs are on his main page, but most of that was pre-Glee]

Laura Dreyfuss: Elastic Heart (Noah Guthrie Cover) (single)

Noah Guthrie: main; Among the Wildest Things; The Valley

Samuel Larsen: main; Vices EP; You Should Know EP; Blue (single)

Billy Lewis, Jr.: Bandcamp

Damian McGinty: main; self-titled EP; This Christmas Time

Kevin McHale: main; Summer Nights (single); Paradise (single)

Lea Michele: main; Louder (Deluxe Version); Places

Cory Monteith [with Bonnie Dune]: Bonnie Dune main; The Lost EP; Miramar EP

Alex Newell: main; Power EP; All Cried Out (single); Keep It Moving (single)

Chord Overstreet: main; Tree House Tapes EP; Homeland (single); Hold On (single)

Amber Riley: main; Never Be Lonely (single)

Naya Rivera: main; Supermassive Black Hole (single); Sorry (Not Sorry) (single)

Mark Salling: [He doesn't have Pipe Dreams listed on Apple Music, but it's noted for completion's sake]

Dijon Talton: main; Wild Out (music video); Shorty She Bad (single)

Jenna Ushkowitz: main; Standing On My Own (single)


Jane Lynch: main; A Swingin' Little Christmas

Matthew Morrison: main; self-titled album; Where It All Began; A Classic Christmas EP


As far as cast recordings go, the former Glee cast is very busy. I think Amber's Dreamgirls recording is the most recent release. Additionally, there are some other songs that cast members have released, but aren't available on Apple Music, like Darren's 2012 recording of Not Alone.

In Topic: Newbie Still Gleeking! HeMo & DwtS, Akron, OH. R u going?

01 July 2017 - 02:56 PM

You sound like a sweetheart, Zany. Welcome.



In Topic: Heather on Dancing with the Stars

28 April 2017 - 05:49 PM

I'm glad that her rumba was so good because the group dance had underwhelming choreography. Was all the chair stuff so that the judges could directly compare them to the men?

In Topic: The Glee News/Tidbits/Updates Catch-All Thread

28 April 2017 - 05:40 PM

Don't forget to stream/listen/buy Lea's new album Places. iTunes link