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About Me

Once upon a time I was Tmama, then I used to be Asian Persuasion, then I had short lived, 30 day foray as Sebastian Smythe while Sym/Luke had some fun as Alex Vause from OITNB.  For another 30 days I was Seblencer because of the enjoyable love triangle I played Blaine in as part of my first foray at Glee Forum roleplaying (less intimidating looking than Tumblr roleplaying) here. But I'm now Tiburonwriter again, username I use on fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org...because it's just easier that way. And now you know where I live :ph34r:.


This is me and Glee canon Glee these days (I would be Blaine):
I will always love it, be attracted to it, I will always be in touch, but I unfortunately have to move on now that it's over and I'm ambivalent about that.

More biographically speaking, I'm a UCLA Bruin turned corporate MBA turned aspiring screenwriter who hopes to find at least guest starring roles for some of these Glee stars in my work.  My little girl and I got to meet Darren and see his concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco (see here).  My husband is super patient about my fangirl ways.
I think Kurt is most awesome when bitchy and Rachel most entertaining when insecure.  I bow down to Heather Morris' and Harry Shum's moves (especially when combined) and Lea Michele's voice.  I loved Finn (and Cory, so sad we lost him) and miss Puck.  I used to crush on Puck and Finn and Mr. Schuester (my husband was a high school music director once, so sue me).  
Now I'm all about Blaine, he had me the moment he turned around on that ridiculous staircase. I adored season 2 and even 3 Klaine but also I ship Seblaine because like any true Gleek, I believe in the underdog. In this case I believe in the less popular ship and one talented Grant Gustin, who should have been given a Broadway song and a series regular spot to fully exercise the chemistry he and Darren played so well. Now I enjoy Grant as Barry Allen (ironically, the anti-Sebastian):



I also believe in second chances and that even a jerkwad like Sebastian has an insecure, lovable soul underneath and Blaine's heart is big enough to take care of it.  Finally, Sebastian is Blaine's biggest stan/fan...he appreciated him the most from beginning to end (even pasting on a fake smile for him at the proposal), and my dear Blaine deserves all that love.

Plus, they're both hot and they dance the same so they obviously belong together forever:

(another old avatar, made by Travis and from andercriss on Tumblr)

But now I'm not so delusional to think that that will ever, ever happen outside fanfiction and beautiful AU gifs like this (thank you Katie for this other former avatar!):



The upside is I'm having a lot of fun writing fanfiction now!  See the fruits of more work than I anticipated: http://whatdiditellyouflawless.tumblr.com/myfanfic

I love Naya and Amber because there is infectiousness to their laughter and little girl wonder under all that goddamn sexiness.  Chord, Chord, Chord...Sam, Sam, Sam - I can't even start with him.  Tina is my girl, the younger version of me who I root for like nobody's business.  Vanessa Lengies charmed her way into my heart against my will. I dig Joe's singing and Rory's wide-eyed innocence.  Dianna is our NorCal homegirl and I ship her goddessness and good humor...it must be hard to be so beautiful. I think Dot Marie-Jones is the sweetest darling, Jayma Mays is ridiculously underused and Jane Lynch is a national treasure. Burt Hummel is my favorite character of all. I would pay good money to bring Matt Bomer back. So I basically ship it all, the whole imperfect but incredibly ballsy package.  Becca and Jacob were my fav newbies and I love Alex and Melissa and Blake as well - brave souls they all are!  The like all the new-newbies as well but am crushing hardest on the gay-one, course. :rolleyes:
I even like Ryan Murphy, we can complain all we want but he's the dude who put it all together. I am in awe of his bravery to push limits and his ability to get shit done.  I have a crush on Brad Falchuk (though I know like zero about any of these guys, really) and Ian Brennan is my favorite BTS guy because I want a break in the business just like he did, plus he's adorable and talented in a heartwarming, fun and quirky way.
Did I mention I like to write?  Clearly I need an editor.

Besides my typical Glee / and now Flash Tumblr blog, I also collect my favorite gifs, etc. in a handful of Flipboards. They are like online scrapbooks - I love because the layouts are so much prettier and more efficient than the endless scrolling of Tumblr :

We Are Young (General Glee / Glee Cast Appreciation and misc ships platonic and not, like Blam, Klaine, Brittana, Finchel, Quick, etc.)

He's One of the Good Guys (Blaine Anderson)

Glad You Came (Seblaine, because multishipping is not a sin)

Crazy Uncle Darren (Darren Criss)

Love Above All Else (Grant Gustin)
Become the Impossible (The Flash)

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